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Our values


Our experience and professional knowledge in the field of credit institutes and finance is unique among IT providers


With the help of our unique development and version management technology, our modules can be rapidly customized, and implemented, at the same time we have extensive experience in realizing unique functionality


Owing to the quality control system covering all of our activities, the controlled development processes, our systems are of high quality and reliable


Fast launching of developments that save customer resources, increased efficiency in management, and flexible response to market trends result in our customers gaining advantage in the rapidly changing financial market

Our Qualifications

Certificates of our company

Online Business Technologies Inc. has an ISO 9001 quality management system. Its development, implementation and support technologies are highly organised. Every stage of the technological process is thoroughly documented; Online fully controls the development and implementation workflow from end to end by its own software. The advanced technology results not only in the reduction of technological hazard but also guarantees that the implemented systems are able to follow the change of business and technological requirements flexibly. The management of the company is committed to maintaining and developing the quality management system, so that there is an annual internal quality management audit that is carried out by skilled experts of the company. In connection with 9001, the NATO AQAP quality assurance certificate (AQAP 2110, AQAP 2210) also acquired in 2015.

Online Co. has full scale ISO 27001 information security control qualification in operation, which guarantees the data-security of our company and our clients and further strengthens that our systems and our organization can fulfill requirements set for IT systems by paragraph 13/C of Law CXII. 1996. Introduction of the ISO 27001 Information-security management system at Online Co. took part with support from the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Online Inc. has permission for “NATO Confidential” data management.

Our Partners

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