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    We adapt our IT systems for customers in the implementation phase.

    The first step of implementation is the assessment of requirements and current business processes of the customer, or – in case of a green field investment – we provide assistance in creating them. We customize our system according to these business processes.

    There is a multi-tiered internal testing prior to delivery. During the user testing carried out by the customer and the pilot operation Online Inc. provides on-site assistance.

    We prepare full system documentation during customizing the system; additionally we provide user and operator training.

    Before production run - if needed - we upload business data obtained from previous IT systems to the developed system through automatic migration to reach fast and steady transition.

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    We apply an advanced site management methodology to support continuous fail-safe operation of the delivered system and also custom development.

    Our support and maintenance services include hot-line help-desk by phone; remote troubleshooting and we are also available for on-site participation and for on-site training as well.

    Software maintenance services cover fault fixes and software upgrades.

    We are available for preparing special development proposals for any requests regarding new functionality, which occur due to the changes in customer’s activity, rules of operation or in the relevant legislation. The requested developments may also be available at a flat rate.

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    System Operation

    Application software operation

    We provide the following services in the area of application software management:

    • user access management to applications and
    • execution of operator tasks as defined by the business logic of the application (e.g. parameter configuration, supervision of day-closing, day opening activities, operating system connections etc.)

    Infrastructure management

    Our customers can order the following service sin the framework of our infrastructure operation services:

    • installation, configuration and operation of hardware and base software components,
    • creation and operation of production, test, archive, cold and hot reserve environments
    • data backup
    • network design

    designing IT security solutions and adaptation of them to supported applications

    We undertake the above infrastructure operation services both through remote access on premises operated by third parties, or on our own premises.

    In case of operation on our own premises we provide secure and highly available server hosting services in our modern and constantly updated server areas.

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    During several decades of our history, we have carried out more than 150 successful data migration projects, in which more than 5 million customers and more than 10 million accounts have been migrated. In the last four years 17 successful data migration projects have been implemented from eight different account management systems. Moreover, there is a project in progress at the moment which concerns data migration from several previously unknown systems at the same time.