DigiTie Open Banking

While DigiTie PSD2 opens services necessary to be compliant with PSD2, DigiTie for Open Banking can open up additional services to join FinTech ecosystems. The options are endless in this area, which might include 24/7 loan disbursement based on applications submitted by FinTechs, or creating deposit accounts based on the request of PFM (Personal Finance Management) solutions. DigiTie for Open Banking includes all the functions of DigiTie for PSD2 and provides additional features to help the cooperation with FinTechs.

These features include custom-tailored Open APIs for FinTechs under RESTFUL or other technologies (e.g. SOA web service). While DigiTie for PSD2 opens only a few payment services free of charge, DigiTie for Open Banking makes other banking services (e.g. loans, deposits) available under agreed business terms.

In order to support these services 24/7, DigiTie for Open Banking provides core banking functionality for time periods when the main systems are down, serving as a shadow core system. These new services will be available for agreed fees that can be managed by the Fees and commissions module. New channels might require the selling of new products. This is the point where the Sales front and the Product Development modules can help.

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